Project Description

Concrete Overlays You Will Love

We have been doing concrete overlays for over a decade now and we have mastered the art of it. We know how to layout designs and give textures that look natural. We know what colors to choose and we make the decision making processes easy for you.

We take great pride in our portfolio and our reputation will only grow and remain strong among our clients.

Concrete Overlays Benefits

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Concrete Pool Overlay Twice The Strength Of Normal Concrete

The Concrete Overlay System is twice the strength of normal concrete. Vehicle traffic and day to day wear and tear will not effect the Concrete-Enhancements overlay. This tough, durable coating stands up year after year.
8 ways a concrete overlay can benefit you.


Concrete Pool Overlay Come In Limitless Designs & Textures

The Concrete Overlay System comes in a limitless number in limitless number of designs and textures to fit any look of any home, officer or warehouse. The Concrete-Enhancement overlay comes in a wide array of both residential and commercial coatings.
8 ways a concrete overlay can benefit you.


Skid Resistant Concrete Pool Overlay

The Concrete Overlay System is skid resistant. The CTI system is a textured coating that can be applied as smooth or as rough as you want. If you need a surface that will insure solid footing or if you want something smoother for indoors or around your pool, CTI can provide the proper amount of texture to fit your concrete pool overlay needs.
8 ways a concrete overlay can benefit you.