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We are the Concrete Wood Look Overlay Masters! We travel anywhere in the USA to enhance your existing concrete. Our concrete overlay experts consider all of our decorative concrete overlays a work of art and we will pursue perfection in each and every case. The outdoor concrete overlays have completely impressed our customers. Earn more for less when it comes to our products, services and prices. We will be offering discounts for customers who promote us and let us use the project as a means of advertisement.

Our portfolio and services mean a lot to us and it shows in our work detail. We offer free design for all projects and are happy to come and help you with important decisions. You can see our product line on the www.designcti.com website and www.concrete-enhancements.com for more ideas. Meet us at home shows in Northern Virginia and North Carolina so come and visit us for an additional discount.

We provide excellent service and use products that are not on the market and are considered the best in the industry. We offer free complimentary designs and suggestions. We can do anything you can dream up! We are expanding our services to include Garage Floors, Concrete Staining, Concrete Resurfacing, Concrete Overlays, Concrete Countertops & Basement Floors.


Rock-Solid Concrete Overlay You Can Easily Clean

Concrete Wood Look Overlay Artisans

Give Your Existing Concrete An Exciting New Natural Concrete Wood Look

Outside Concrete Overlay Artisan

Concrete Wood Look Overlay Outside Your Home

Thanks to the concrete wood look overlay, your existing concrete will be impervious to salts, deicing agents, and other elements that cause its deterioration over time.
In addition, maintenance will be easy as mold, mildew and stains simply hose off.

Indoor Concrete Wood Look Overlay Artisan

Concrete Wood Look Overlay Inside Your Home

The Concrete Overlay Technology products can also give your existing floors and counter tops new life as plain concrete floors are transformed to marble or the wood look and existing laminate counters become granite

Garage & Driveway Concrete Overlays

Concrete Wood Look Overlay In Garage & Workshops

The Concrete Overlay Technology is tough as nails flooring and is perfect for areas such as garages, workshops and other places around the home where traffic or chemicals beat up the concrete.

Master Concrete Overlay Artisans

Concrete Enhancements

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Concrete Wood Look Outside The School

Alamance Christian School

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